At least justice was served. 34-year-old Glen Bates was sentenced to death delivered by an Ohio judge on Monday. Bates was convicted on multiple charges in the death of Glenara Bates, his daughter. 

The charges stemmed from his disgusting abuse towards his two-year-old daughter that only weighed 13 pounds when she was discovered. Glen Bates declined to speak on the matter and showed little emotion as he was informed of his inevitable death.


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Bates’ attorney was trying to get his defendant sentenced to life in prison. But the Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge, Megan Shanahan, followed the jury’s recommendation that 34-year-old Glen Bates should be executed for the death of his daughter Glenara.

Bates reportedly turned down a plea deal that would have saved his life. He was also sentenced to 15 years and eight years in prison on two lesser charges.


Bates attorney also told the media that he and his client plan to appeal the ruling. The two-year-old Glenara had bite marks, bruises, missing teeth and apparent severe head trauma. Ohio will reportedly resume executions in 2017 with a new three-drug combination.


Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a statement, “This man is a murderer who needs to pay for what he did to this innocent baby. My heart breaks for this little girl. She died in one of the most horrific ways imaginable.”

Glenara was pronounced dead in March 2015 when her mother brought her to the hospital. The malnourished toddler was 8 pounds under the average weight for a two-year-old.


Authorities reported Glenara’s mother, Angela Bradley, has pleaded not guilty in the case. She has a plea hearing scheduled Tuesday and  also faces a possible death sentence in Glenara’s slaying. It was confirmed after she was charged in this case that her other six children have been put into the custody of relatives or family services.