Obama’s “Limp Wrist” Video as Castro Grabs Him in Cuba Going Viral [VIDEO]

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President Obama is the first president in over 80 years to visit the island nation of Cuba. The visit hasn’t been without some controversy.

First, Obama was not greeted at the airport by Cuban President Raul Castro. This was considered a snub by many.

Then, the presidential entourage was photographed symbolically in front of a five story tall depiction of Che Guevara, appearing to stand at attention. Associated Press reporter Peter Orsi said there was a “collective gasp” in the press room when this happened.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.13.04 PM

Then, President Obama was grabbed by the wrist by Castro during a joint press conference. Obama allowed his wrist to go completely limp and be slung around by Castro. The video has been going insanely viral on social media since it was released just minutes ago.