NIGHTMARE: Five Teens Force Dad to Leave Daughter at Gunpoint Then Gang Rape Her. [UPDATED]

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It’s every father’s worst nightmare. The NYPD is still looking for one of the five suspects in an alleged gang rape that took place in Brooklyn earlier today.

According to a police release, five armed men forced a father to leave his 18 year old daughter at the Osborn Playground around 9am this morning.

The man quickly came back with help from two uniformed NYPD officers, but not before the men took turns raping the girl.

The five suspects managed to elude the two responding officers and flee the area. Four of the suspects were later caught. According to local media reports:

On Sunday night, authorities said four suspects — ages 14, 15, 15 and 17 — were in custody, and charges were pending. Two of the teens turned themselves in, and the other two were apprehended, New York police said.

Police say the following video shows the suspects entering a nearby store just before the incident.