Most viewers would agree that the NFL hasn’t handled this year’s controversial issues well at all.

For example, many patriotic fans were let down when they found out that the Dallas Cowboys’ request to honor the fallen officers ambushed earlier this year was denied.But for all the angry tweets, comments, and protests involving the NFL, there are a few bright spots.


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Cleveland Browns star running back Isaiah Crowell was sure one of those bright spots. According to reports, Crowell reached out to the Dallas Fallen Officers about the possibility of donating the check from his first game – roughly $35,000 – to their foundation.


The foundation originally stated all they wanted from Crowell was to develop a relationship with the organization and appreciate police sacrifice.

As most Americans know, this country has been in a turbulent time involving race and police officers, so this is understandably more important than money. But knowing that may not be enough, the Dallas Fallen Officers did eventually accepted his gracious donation.


To further show how much a class act Crowell is, he insisted he never intended this to go public. He wasn’t looking for applause when he did this.

However this summer, Crowell posted an anti-cop image on his Instagram. Crowell hastily removed the offensive imagery and was quick to apologize for his actions and vowed to make good on his mistake.


Perhaps this is his way of making amends for that tweet. Whatever his motives may be, this seems to be at least one player trying to do the right thing now.


While Kaepernick and various other players still kneel for the anthem, it’s nice to see that some NFL players choose another path. Instead of revolting against officers for doing their job, they have decided to try and fix the relationship with law enforcement.