New ‘Ultra Definition’ Baby Scan Could Change the Way We Look at Pregnancy Forever [VIDEO]

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Researchers and clinicians at iFind have changed the way we will see infants in the womb by using a computer with technology that shows “ultra definition” of a fetus.  This new technology will change how we observe and monitor pregnancies for the foreseeable future.


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In a 24 second clip released to the public, the video shows an unborn child playing with the umbilical cord, moving around and stretching in the womb. The innovative video ends with the unborn baby giving his mom a kick in the stomach.

The video was made possible by a unique computer algorithm. The algorithm automatically corrects small movements that create clear images of the fetus.


Only around half of all congenital abnormalities are picked up by 20-week ultrasound scans, according to Dr. David Lloyd, Clinical Fellow working on the iFIND project. Previously, when a baby would move rapidly, it would create issues for the technology currently used.


The up-side to this technology is it could save more infants lives and correct complications before it becomes too late. It’s unclear when this technology will be available worldwide, but according to Telegraph, the first successful imagery was used in London on an unnamed mother.


Many are seemingly unaware of how difficult it was to accomplished the algorithm that captures the unborn image. “Taking pictures of a 20-week fetus while they’re still in the womb really isn’t that easy,” Lloyd said. “For one thing, they’re very small.”

The potentially life-altering technology created something that wasn’t all that different from what is already implemented.


Lloyd and his team simply adapted what was already available in the United Kingdom.”Ultrasound technology – used in all routine antenatal scans in the UK – is actually fairly good at visualizing these tiny structures,” he explained. “It uses very high-frequency sound waves which are reflected back (“echo”) from the structures inside the body to produce an image.”


The unprecedented look into the womb further shows how far technology has come and also shows that if we push technology even further, anything is possible.