Neighbors Call Cops on Slip N Slide Party. Bust Does Not Go As Planned [VIDEO]

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When neighbors called the cops on a block party in Asheville, North Carolina this week, they expected the police would come break it up. The main problem was the noisy kids playing on a giant improvised Slip N Slide in the middle of the street. Well the cops responded to the call, but not in the way the caller had hoped.

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The caller had complained that the slide was obstructing the road and that it had effectively blocked the road.  “When the police came, they quickly realized that wasn’t the case and asked if they could take a turn,” Katlen Joyce Smith, who lives in the neighborhood, told CNN.

“We looked at it and determined it wasn’t really an issue,” Officer Carrie Lee reported. “So the first thing I said, I said I’m not here to break up your fun.” The Asheville Police even posted a video of the incident on Twitter.

Officer Lee even takes a ride in a black trash bag. Officer Joe Jones took a ride in a big tube with one of the kids. “I thought I was going to be able to get out of it, because I’m too big to fit in a trash bag,” he said. “But then when the kids pulled out this big raft … I had no choice.”

“I still can’t handle the amazing-mess of it all,” Smith wrote on Facebook. “I hope the neighbor who called them saw it all go down!!”

And the episode looked to have been more amazing than mess. This is precisely the kind of community building police departments across the country are striving for.

As for the mess, the improvised slide may have been a chore to install and clean up, but the fun it provided kids and the community it helped to build were well worth it. Hopefully the Slip N Slide scrooge can see the bigger picture.