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Nancy Reagan was Asked if She Misses Her Beloved Ronnie. Her Answer Will Break Your Heart. [VIDEO]

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Nancy Reagan

With the passing of First Lady Nancy Reagan, the nostalgia has flooded back across America for this amazing woman and her incredible husband.

One clip that stands out is of Mrs. Reagan being interviewed by her friend Larry King. When King asked if the former First Lady still misses President Reagan, her answer was stunning.

“There are people who told me that it gets much easier…maybe for them, but not for me,” Reagan explains.

“I miss him more now than I ever did.”

The former First Lady recalled how the two were rarely apart and shared the story of how President Reagan reacted when they were given separate bedrooms while visiting a foreign country.

“Ronnie was just having a fit…I don’t know if they ever moved us…we didn’t like to be apart.”