Remnants from World War II are still being discovered, and some will lay dormant for centuries more. But sometimes you get lucky, literally.

Two mystery canisters were set to be opened at the Commemorative Air Force Headquarters at Dallas Executive Airport. The barrels have been in a barn in Oklahoma since 1963 and were just recently discovered. The burning question that all in attendance wanted to know – what was in them?


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Commemorative Air Force VP,  Adam Smith, said he had no clue what could be inside the historic barrels stating, “We genuinely have no idea, believe me, the staff here wanted to sneak them open and have a look inside, but this is going to be as much a surprise for us as anyone watching.”

Many speculated that Hillary’s emails were located in the barrels, while others think they’re Trump’s tax returns. But in all seriousness, when the moment came, it was well worth the wait.


With the help of John “Lucky” Luckadoo, a WWII veteran that flew 25 B-17 bombing missions in WWII, the lids of the canisters were removed, and boy, were they surprised with what they discovered inside.

Inside the barrel lay a fresh out of the box, vintage WWII bomb sight. “It’s a precision instrument that allowed you to drop a bomb from 30,000 feet into a pickle barrel,” Luckadoo said.


Luckadoo knows all too well what these bomb sights did. He says once the bombardier was set, the instrument would fly the plane until bombs away. “If the ship was shot down the bombardier was supposed to explode it to destroy all the innards so it wouldn’t fall into the hands of the Germans,” he said.


Luckadoo was ecstatic at the discovery of the rare WWII item that was thought to have been all but wiped from the annals of history. He said,“I am delighted, not a lot of these left in the world.”