Mass Shooting in Orlando. Multiple Dead. [VIDEO]

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Orlando has been a hot-spot for violence of late, and the city is responding to another incident today. A man who had bee recently fired from his job at an RV company in Orlando went back to work today and killed 5 of his former co-workers. Afterwards, he turned his gun on himself and committed suicide.

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The shooting happened early this morning, just as the business was opening. The company, called¬†Fiamma, makes accessories for RVs. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has released a preliminary statement tying the incident to work-related-violence and says there is no indication that terror was a motive.

All but one of victims were male. There were seven others there at the time, and the extent of their injuries, if there are any, haven’t been announced.

The response by the police was rapid. They were on scene in under two minutes. The man, who has not been identified yet, was armed with a knife and a handguns.

This wasn’t the first run-n police had had with this specific employee. Three years ago, the police had been called when he allegedly battered another employee.

The police who arrived on scene were quick to examine possible ties to terrorism. The Pulse Nightclub shooting happened almost a year ago this week. And the London attack and Manchester bombing have officials on edge. The Daily Mail is reporting that the FBI’s terrorism task force is on scene, but more as a precautionary measure.

The killer’s motive is expected to be tied to his recent dismissal from the company. It is unclear, as of yet, why he was kept on at the company after the first incident three years ago. More information will be available as the shooter’s identity becomes public.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has issued a statement. “Over the past year, the Orlando community has been challenged like never before. Ann and I are praying for the families who lost loved ones today. I ask all Floridians to pray for the families impacted by this senseless act of violence. I will remain in contact with the Orlando law enforcement community throughout the day as more information is made available.” the statement read.