Mother Jumps Into Line of Fire. Takes Bullets to Save Children. Helps Capture Uber Shooter.

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Tiana Carruthers, of Kalamazoo, Michigan was the unlikely hero who emerged from the tragic spree shootings over the weekend.

Around 5:00pm, Carruthers was outside of her apartment with several children on a playground when she saw the suspect, Jason Dalton, pull up.

Carruthers sensed something was wrong and put herself between the children and Dalton. When Dalton opened fire, Carruthers jumped into the line of fire, taking several bullets.

Despite suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, Carruthers was able to describe Dalton and his vehicle to responding officers. The information ultimately help officers track down Dalton.

Carruthers is expected to survive even though she suffered multiple injuries.

The shootings left six people dead and another person besides Carruthers injured.

Source: mLive