Minions Pulled Over in China for Selling Bananas

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A pair of illegal Chinese street vendors had a million dollar idea when they decided to dress up as Minions in order to help sell bananas. If you don’t what a minion is…well, remember Despicable Me? The yellow pill shaped things that seemed to be the pinnacle of children’s marketing? No?

Okay, you know the weird yellow guys who got a movie this year all to themselves? Stealing the crown of England or something? Yeah, them. These poor vendors noticed that the minions were rather fond of bananas and, given copyright’s infamous trouble being enforced over the Pacific, decided to cash in on some brand recognition. And for a time it worked.


Sadly, dressing in bright yellow and being very clearly not shaped like a person does not help one blend in. The two vendors were spotted by urban inspectors and stop hawking illegal goods. Despite playing ‘cute’ and presumably stating in character, the two were told to leave the road and next time they might have their wares and bicycle confiscated.