Mike Rowe has been a longtime advocate for American companies staying in America. He has also been vocal in terms of keeping jobs in America; in short, he is extremely pro-America. Just last week he commended Ford’s decision to cancel their plans to build a plant in Mexico, effectively keeping thousands of jobs in the US. Now, he telling Fox News why keeping these jobs and companies in America is so important.


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The Dirty Jobs host rolled up his sleeves and delved head first when speaking to Fox’s, Tucker Carlson, about America. “Look, it’s not just jobs.” He continued making his point stating, “And when I say that, I don’t mean to minimize it at all, but there’s just something … larger at work here, and it has to do with our identity, it has to do with what it feels like when we’re actually making things as a country.”


He referenced his time as the Dirty Jobs host as being an advocate for hardworking Americans. “the value that comes from getting your hands on a thing and always knowing how you’re doing because you’re a part of some kind of process.”

Rowe addressed the fact that if car manufacturing plants are moved to Mexico, we run the risk of cars becoming cheaper in the United States, but do we want that?


“At some point we have to ask ourselves … who are we? What do we do other than buy things that other countries make on our behalf?” he added. “Eventually, when the bottom falls out, it’s like [the 2006 movie] ‘Idiocracy,’ [where] we don’t know how to hang a picture any more, much less make a car.”


The interview concluded by Rowe giving advice to young job seekers. “Get a skill that’s in demand, that’s really in demand, that can’t be outsourced,” Rowe said. “Plumbers, steamfitters, pipefitters, carpenters, mechanics, those men and women right now … can pretty much write their own ticket, and so, again on a micro- level, I see a lot of reasons to feel really optimistic.”