Men in London Bar Argue About Islamophobia as They Hide from Radical Islamic Terrorists [VIDEO]

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A short video that is reportedly from the night of the London Bridge and Borough Market features a commentary from two bar patrons where one man essentially accuses the other of Islamophobia after the first patron makes a blanket statement regarding Muslims. The footage shows pub goers seeking cover during the verbal exchange.

[Scroll down for video]

The clip begins with a commotion as members of the public start finding cover. Patrons take positions under tables in the establishment as men who appear to either be police officers or security guards tell everyone to get down.

At approximately 38 seconds into the video, a man shouts, “Fucking Muslim cunts,” from somewhere within the pub.

A man near the camera quickly says, “Shut up mate, you fucking idiot. It’s not Muslims.”

The identity of either of the men is not disclosed in the video, and it is unknown whether the first patron was able to hear the second patron’s response to his outburst.

h/t Milo