Man Goes on an Anti-Muslim Tirade Swearing at a Family on a Texas Beach [VIDEO]

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When Donald Trump was elected president, many were ecstatic as he had pledged to secure our borders and defeat ISIS in a timely manner. As we slowly work towards those resolutions, there have been instances of hate rhetoric against Muslims. It’s been few and far between, but it does happen.


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This is one of those incidents that wasn’t a made up anti-Muslim attack. On May 3, video was captured and posted on YouTube of a drunken man approaching a Muslim family, who were having a family reunion at a Texas beach.

What ensued next was a 20-minute hate-fueled rant. The man, who was obviously intoxicated and later determined to be Alexander Downing of Connecticut, covered an arrange of topics in his tirade.


“You’re a f*****g Muslim, motherf****r,” Downing yelled at the family of fourteen. “You will never ever, ever stop me, my Christianity.”

He continues his tirade towards the family by saying, “your sharia law don’t mean s**t to me.” For those who may be unaware, sharia law is the code of conduct that Muslims follow. It has been used to induce fear into westerners in recent years, according to Buzz Feed.


Downing becomes more aggressive towards the family as he begins to put his finger in their faces while he yells. The 35-year-old then starts to compare all Muslims to ISIS supporters. “Guess what? ISIS don’t mean s**t to me, motherf*****s,” he said.

One of the family members begins to feel threatened and calls 911. Before the end of the video he leaves with some parting words for the family. “Donald Trump will stop you. Donald Trump will stop you! Donald Trump got you motherf*****s. Watch… watch.”


At the end of the video, you can see officers arresting Downing near the hotel the family and he were staying at. Officers said the Connecticut man was “intoxicated in a public place and a danger to himself and others.”


He wasn’t charged with for what he said to the family that day. The family made a statement after the media picked up their video that they know that this incident “doesn’t represent the masses” but he “needs to be charged for what he’s done.”



I’m sure any family, no matter what religion they follow, would feel the same when threatened by an aggressive drunk.