A Florida mall Santa was removed from his duties on Friday after a mother claimed that he told her child Hillary Clinton was on his “naughty list.”

The mother then promptly informed management of the incident. Apparently this all took place on Tuesday night when she brought two of her children to see Santa.


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The women’s daughter was reportedly sitting on Santa’s lap telling him what she wanted for Christmas when he told her she was on the “nice list.”  As might be expected, the 10-year-old then wanted to know who was on the “naughty list.” Santa said, “Do you know who is on my naughty list? Hillary Clinton.” The girl said he then laughed.


The encounter was described in a Facebook post, which noted that Clinton was the only person on his naughty list. The woman also wrote in the post that she was indeed a Clinton supporter.


Once the complaint was  given to management, mall officials called the company that hired Santa. Santa’s Colorado employer, the Noerr Program, Inc., which provides Santas to malls around the country, was informed.

A spokesman for the company said the Santa in question was brought in to speak to management and thought the mother was joking when he was told he had a complaint against him. A spokesman for the company, Charlie Russell, announced they removed him from the mall floor and Santa was then sent to counseling in human resources.


Russell said his company has since apologized to the girl’s family. When asked if the Santa would be coming back, Russell said he wasn’t sure. On Wednesday night, there was  a replacement Santa waving to shoppers and waiting for someone to tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

He should be all set in his new position as long as he doesn’t put any Democrats on the naughty list.