70-year-old Kansas native, Lawrence John Ripple seemed to have had enough of his wife’s antics. Ripple claimed he would rather be in jail than to have to live with his wife anymore. Well, he got his wish. Ripple was arrested this past week after trying to rob a bank in Kansas that was located on the same block as the local police headquarters.


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According to an affidavit released by the FBI, Ripple had earlier been arguing with his wife. It states, “he wrote out his demand note in front of his wife … and told her he’d rather be in jail than at home,” and then proceeded to leave the house and head to the bank.


Ripple walked into the Brotherhood Bank and Trust in the Riverview neighborhood of Kansas City on Sept. 2 and proceeded to give a note to the telling stating,”I have a gun, give me money.”

But he didn’t rush out to a waiting getaway car. In fact, he didn’t make any attempt to escape whatsoever. Ripple received $3,000 and sat down in the lobby until a security guard for the bank walked up to him. Ripple told him, “I’m the guy you’re looking for.”


What pushed Ripple over the edge so much that he wanted to go to jail? According to Ripple’s wife, he became irate when she reminded him that the clothes dryer needed to be repaired. Sure nobody likes to fix things around the house, but wasn’t this was a bit extreme, Mr. Ripple?


Lt. Kelli Bailiff of the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department said she had never seen anything like this in her 33 years on the force. Bailiff said in an interview, “You can get divorced,” she added, “I’ve never heard of someone who would rather come to jail and commit a crime so they don’t have to go home and be with their family. That’s never happened.”


Ripple was charged with robbery and aggravated robbery. Unfortunately, he may have to wait awhile for the extended jail visit he was hoping for as he was released on bail and sent back home to his wife. Perhaps marriage counseling would be a smarter alternative than jail?