Brandon Bautista passed U.S. 69 and noticed a memorial for a fallen officer. The little boy passed the memorial every day as he looked out the backseat window of his parent’s car.

Something resonated with the young boy as he realized they shared the same first name, Brandon. The young boy’s birthday was coming up, and he decided to do something to give back to the officer’s family.


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The blue and white memorial sign read, “Deputy Brandon Collins. All gave some. Some gave all.” The Kansas City boy had made up his mind; he was going to use his birthday as a chance to give back to the fallen officer and his family. He wanted to raise money for Collins using his birthday money.

Brandon told CNN affiliate KMBC, “I want to be a firefighter when I grow up, so I really support cops and paramedics and firefighters that die.”


He informed his mom that he wanted his 13 friends to bring money for his birthday. Brandon was hoping to raise $50 or so, but to his and everyone else’s surprise, they raised $335.”When she told me $335, I was just really excited, so we could help his family,” he said.


The fallen officer, Master Deputy Brandon Collins served Johnson County Sheriff’s Office for almost 21 years. He was killed by a drunk driver September 11 after a truck crashed into the back of his cruiser while he was conducting a traffic stop. Collins left behind a wife and children.


Brandon is a die-hard Royals fan, and his mother said a lot of his character traits stem from the charitable acts by other Royals fans.

Kari Lein, Brandon’s mother said, “Doing good for others pays off because that’s where he’s seen it.” Adding, “It’s not like he came up with this out of the blue. He’s seen other people do good things.”


This young man showed that no matter your age, you can always do something to make a difference. Someone that respects and appreciates officers and the sacrifices they make to keep the public safe will go far in life.