The future of advanced warfare is near. The military’s long rumored “Iron Man” has finally seen the light of day in a recent promo video from Revision, one of the companies involved in manufacturing the system.

TALOS ( Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit) is composed of an armored exoskeleton designed to give special operation soldiers superhuman strength and stamina while increasing survivability.


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The tactical suit comes with a bevy of sensors inside the suit to monitor vital signs of the soldier and provides additional cooling to allow for higher performance over an extended period of time in the field.

The Iron Man-like suit comes with a ballistic helmet that features a heads-up display (HUD) and has the ability to integrate data from a plethora of different sources to provide each user specific battlefield intelligence specific to their situation.


The idea of TALOS is rather simple, and yet unique in how useful it will be in various situations. The suit has been rumored to be bulletproof. The suit will be comprised of layers of smart material and sensors. Special Forces are scheduled to get their hands on the suit first.

The suit may possibly never be used by entire squads, but instead, will be worn by a lead operator who will breach a door first, protecting this first defender who will be the most vulnerable team operator in the situation.


TALOS first came to fruition when it was presented by the top officer of Special Ops, Admiral Bill McRaven, on May 2013. He said that the protective suit was inspired by one of his troops in Afghanistan.

McRaven explained how passionate he is about the project. “I am very committed to this because I’d like that last operator that we lost to be the last one that we ever lose, in this fight or in the fight for the future.”


While many of the suit’s technologies already exist, the TALOS researchers are tasked with adapting those technologies into a product that’s both advanced and maneuverable. The TALOS program has churned out several prototypes and is on track to deliver a first-generation suit by August 2018.