“I Could Fking Kill You!” Off Duty Cop Pins Trespassing Teen to the Ground. [VIDEO]

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A off-duty police officer in Illinois was caught on camera pinning a black teenager to the ground and threatening him. The video has shaken up the community and added fuel to an already raging fire. Though the video doesn’t capture what started the dispute between the cop and the teen, it has greatly angered many.

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Jordan Brunson, 15, was interviewed by WGN9. He said he’d been “checking up” on a friend who was sitting on the police officer’s porch in Lansing, Illinois. The exact details are unclear, but the friend had reportedly been in a fight earlier in the day. Why the friend was seated on the officer’s porch is also a bit of a mystery.

What happened next, though, is not. When Brunson came onto the lawn, the officer pinned him down and began a long lecture about property rights and trespassing.

“You are on my f***ing property. I could f***ing kill you,” he said to the teen. “You’re trespassing in my f***king yard, do you understand?”

Another friend filmed the incident, though not the beginning. The man who had Brunson pinned has not been identified, though media reports are saying he’s a police officer. As the recording continues, he tries to tell Brunson to convince his friend with the phone (the one recording the episode) to come and sit next to them.

“We can just forget all about this and run, bro,” the teen filming the officer says. “Let him go, bro.”

“You came to the wrong house,” a woman says from the front porch.

The cop, for his part, wasn’t letting the teen up. When he was asked for a justification for his actions, he said, “I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. You guys are acting stupid.”

He held Brunson until police responded.

Ann Fall, Brunson’s cousin, posted the video to Facebook. “So this is what happens when you walk on someone’s grass. My little cousin is damn near killed,” she wrote. “This guy is a LANSING POLICE OFFICER and our family can’t get anywhere filing a report on him. I need FB to share and share this needs to go VIRAL!! I’m sick of walking while black being a problem! As you can hear his friend videoing is not black but he’s not being harassed!!”

The Lansing Police are investigating the incident.Earlier, they’d responded to a fight involving 30 teenagers. And the officer seen in the video reportedly found a backpack on his property containing a baseball cap and a “realistic looking BB gun.”

He claims he later met a “white juvenile” on his porch, “bleeding from the face.” The boy told him that he’d been attacked by a group of black teens. When Brunson then approached the porch, the officer says he asked everyone to stay until police arrived. Brunson wouldn’t, so the officer physically detained him.

Extenuating circumstances, or no, the officer’s actions have gone viral. The video has been seen nearly 4 million times and counting.