Tomi Lahren has made quite a name for herself in the political world. She is the host of her own pro-Republican show and is well known for her fiery personality when it comes to political topics.


As with any famous person, Lahren had a life before she was in front of the camera. And for some reason, people have been digging up old Twitter pictures that show her in a less than flattering light. Seemingly to embarrass her by comparing her then to who she is now. But she isn’t letting what she did when she was in college stop her from living her life.


Her 500,000 devoted followers hang on every word that comes out of her mouth because she says what many of them are thinking but are afraid to say.


Regardless of what you think of her political beliefs, Lahren isn’t afraid to be real and confront the trolls. The 24-year-old host gave a fearless response once these old, out of date, pictures were shared on the internet.

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 3.12.59 PM

While drinking at the bar as a 21-year-old college student isn’t abnormal, people will do anything to cascade a negative shadow over someone’s life because they don’t agree with their political beliefs or just don’t like the person for what they stand for.

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In hopes of a public fallout, the haters didn’t expect a response to their childish behavior. Rather than remain silent, Lauren was all too happy to respond and throw some criticism right back at her critics.

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Tomi being Tomi, she also didn’t miss the opportunity to throw a jab to the left.

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It just goes to show that your foolish past will always find you. Better to embrace it and call out the naysayers. Facing conflict head on is what Lahren is famous for so it should be no surprise that she wouldn’t roll over and play dead for these online trolls. Bravo.