Homeowner Takes Down Three Armed Robbers. With His Machete. [VIDEO]

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Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. Surveillance footage captured an armed robbery in South Flordia. But we’ll bet the three would-be robbers weren’t planning on fighting for their lives. Instead of the homeowner fearfully following the robber’s commands as you might imagine most people would, he went into his home to retrieve a machete to defend himself.

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The footage shows the homeowner and his friend sitting outside in the backyard enjoying the peace and quiet; when suddenly, seconds into the video, three men dressed in dark clothing, armed with various weapons, approach the homeowner and his friend.

According to the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report, each of the three would-be robbers were armed. One man possessed a crowbar, another held a machete and the last man was holding a shotgun.

As the homeowner’s friend immediately began to follow the commands of the intruders, the video shows the homeowner running into his home. The victim reported that he was “in fear for his life and retreated to his residence and grabbed a machete,” according to ABC News.

Once the homeowner was armed, the three men scattered in different direction, one even jumped the neighbor’s fence.

Apparently, the homeowner wasn’t going to let them get away that easily as the video shows the homeowner holding one of the robbers by the shirt and dragging him back to the home.

Law enforcement was soon advised of the situation and arrived on the scene shortly after, according to the report. Sarasota County police took Alen Beltran Vazquez into custody and searched the surrounding area for the other men.

Officers found the crowbar, shotgun, and machete in nearby yards. Officers were able to get a description of the alleged vehicle used in the getaway and tracked it down to a nearby gas station. Inside the vehicle, officers found four men dressed in dark clothing.

Two of the men fit the description of the robbers. The other occupants would soon confess they were waiting in the vehicle after the robbery. All five of the men are being held without bond and are facing multiple charges, including armed robbery and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.