A principal and a secretary for Robert E. Lee High School found themselves in a whirlwind of negativity after the Principal, Mark Rowicki, dressed as republican nominee, Donald Trump, and the school secretary, Stephanie Corbett, dressed as Hillary Clinton.

Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, it would have been fine if Corbett didn’t have Clinton in jail garb with “Department of Justice” across the shirt.


Originally the image was posted to the school’s website but was later removed. But not before a graduate of the high school grabbed the photo and put it on her Facebook page.

Emberly Lynn Martin, a previous student of the high school, took to Facebook to display her dismay in the costume choices.


“You are professionals, who work with children. Some more impressionable than others. The fact that any school official would think its okay to dress like this leaves me appalled and floored,” Martin said in her post. “What message are you sending to any of them when their high school principal dresses up like a man who wants to deport them, says things like ‘she’s a nasty woman,’ or ‘grab em by the p—-?'”

A fellow Lee high graduate, Kenna Margaret Leona Riddle, commented on Martin’s post saying, “I aspire to be a teacher and I’m appalled by the fact they decided this would be their costumes. If it were at a party or something like that then it would be different.”


Once word got out, the community started talking. School board member, Robert Boyle, addressed the issue stating, “I don’t have the context, but I’m sure it’s an educational type thing about history.”

Boyle insisted it wasn’t meant to be offensive adding, “I’m sure it was in good taste… I’m sure it’s just more comical than anything else.”


School officials have defended the costumes, citing it has long been a school tradition for student and staff to dress up for Halloween. One school official, Laura Kleine, said that “better judgment could have been used.”

“I don’t think the costumes were meant as a political statement, staff don’t make political statements,” Kleiner said. “Wearing it to school wasn’t the best idea.”


Sure, school officials are not supposed to make political statements, but this was simply a Halloween costume. Maybe we all need to just lighten up a bit.