‘He’s with His Dad:’ Video Shows Police Questioning Mother Whose Son Was Buried in the Backyard

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A copy of a police video was released showing the moment local law enforcement first questioned a mother about the condition of her son. Larissa Rodriguez was evasive when it came to providing the officers with information, and the body of her son, 5-year-old Jordan, was later discovered buried in the backyard.

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Cleveland police officers went to visit Rodriguez after receiving a tip for a man who said that Jordan was buried behind a home on West 80th Street.

However, as she spoke with police, Rodriguez was not very forthcoming with information.

“He’s with his dad. He’s visiting for the holidays. In Texas,” said Rodriguez. “I don’t have the [phone] number to give you the number.”

“Right now, his phone just got disconnected. I’m waiting for him to call me.”

Police officers also asked for the father’s address, but Rodriguez said she didn’t have that information either.

“I mean, I don’t know his address, personally, because me and his dad don’t really associate like that,” said Rodriguez. Then, she started to express concern about the tips the cops had received.

“What was that call maybe out?” she asked. “I mean, I don’t know what the concern is.”

The video also shows police officers examining the outside of her home, but they didn’t initially notice anything suspicious.

However, the next day, investigators discovered the body of the boy, who appeared to have been murdered by “unspecified means,” according to the medical examiner.

According to a report by Fox 8, Rodriguez and her live-in boyfriend have since been indicted on murder charges. Rodriguez also faces charges of selling food stamps worth thousands of dollars, and a children’s services provider was also indicted for purchasing the food stamps from Rodriguez.

Both Rodriguez and her boyfriend pleaded not guilty to the charges and could go to trial as soon as this spring.

Rodriguez had a total of nine children, and a juvenile court is determining where her other children will go over the long-term as the case is handled.