Feel Good

He’s the Only Restaurant Owner with Down Syndrome in America. Here’s Why He’s Closing After 5 Years.

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For more than five years, Tim’s Harris — the only restaurant owner in the U.S. with Down syndrome — has put a smile on the faces of all his satisfied customers.

Those same customers just got some bad news. Tim has decided to close “Tim’s Place” in Albuquerque. Many of the regulars have been stunned by the news.

“My customers cry a lot into my arms,” he told the CBS Evening News

The reason for closing after half a decade of success? Love.


Tim met Tiffani Johnson at a convention for people with Down Syndrome and it was love at first sight.

When they decided to formally become a couple, Tim decided to move to Denver to be with Tiffani.

“It’s incredible to watch. He’s deeply grieving about the idea of this transition, while at the same time being as excited as I’ve ever seen him about the possibility of being with Tiffani,” his father, Keith said.

Despite the sadness of closing his restaurant, Tim said it’s time for the new chapter in his life.

“Every time I feel sad, my girlfriend makes me feel a lot happier,” he said. “[When I look into her eyes], I see love. I see joy. And I see that I have a future here.”