Here’s the Shortlist of Who Could Serve as the Next FBI Director

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Once the dust starts to settle and all the speculation articles of why James Comey was fired have been written, the inevitable question that Republicans and Democrats alike will be asking is who will replace Comey? Whoever Trump decides to appoint will need to be approved by 51 votes in the senate.


President Trump will need to choose the candidate carefully. Choose someone too close or too obliging and people will assume he or she was chosen to cover up the Russian investigation. Choose someone who may not be in line with your political ideology and you could be facing a backlash from Republicans. Choose a real bulldog wanting to make a name for themselves and you’re looking at continued investigations.


Rudy Giuliani

Giuliani is no stranger to the Trump administration. Giuliani has a close personal relationship with Trump and is currently serving as an unpaid White House adviser, particularly in the Cybersecurity district.

Giuliani is already seen as a front-runner for the position, recently meeting with the president at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.


Chris Christie

Christie, another person with close ties to Trump, was in line for several cabinet positions when Trump first took office, but none of them panned out. There are a few potential issues with this nomination though. Christie and Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner have a negative history together.

Also, both Christie and Giuliani would immediately be viewed as “yes” men willing to do  whatever the president asked.


Mike Rogers

Trump could appease both Republicans and Democrats with this choice while dismantling the notion that he wants an immediate end to the Russia investigation. Rogers served on Trump’s transitional national security advisory team and is now a CNN analyst.

The decision would be well received by Democrats as Rogers has made plenty of scathing remarks about the Kremlin’s possible involvement in the 2016 election.


David Clarke

This choice would be right out of left field but isn’t impossible. The Milwaukee sheriff has been a favorite with Republicans but does he have the background and expertise needed?

There would be little to no chance he would get approved with the 51 votes needed. Would he make strong director? Possibly, but there is no in between with him. He is extremely right wing and to hold the FBI director position you need to be viewed as bipartisan.


Larry Thompson

This choice could have multiple positive implications for Trump’s presidency. If appointed, Thompson would become the first African-American to hold the position of FBI director, per reports from Politico.

He was vocal in his dismay with Comey’s decision to publicly rebuke Clinton in her email investigation. The only drawback here would be his age; at 71 he would become one of the oldest FBI directors appointed.


Andrew McCabe

Lastly, we have McCabe who is currently serving as the acting director since Comey’s firing. This pick would be the easiest for Trump to make as it would create a seamless transition of power and would dismiss any notion that Comey was let go to end the Russian investigation.

He could face backlash from the Democrats if appointed, as he told reporters the investigation about Trump and Russia collusion was “bullshit.” At 49 years old, he would have plenty of time to take the position and hold it for the foreseeable future.


The choices here vary politically, but the question is does Trump want to “play politics?” If so, he may try to appease both political parties. Knowing Trump though, he’ll choose the wild card and someone who will support him and his administration.

h/t Daily Caller