Here’s Everything You Need to know About North Korea’s Nukes

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North Korea, under Jong-un’s regime, is striving become a super power with nuclear weapons capable of striking the US. Many have characterized Jong-un as a would-be schoolyard bully who will do anything to be noticed and taken seriously. Well, it seems the bully got his wish. The entire world has noticed him and is now on high alert.

The US, in particular, has received recent threats from Jong-Un alleging that his missiles can now strike the US and Guam is within his sights. President Trump, who has made it a point not be pushed around by the North Korean dictator, responded to the threat stating North Korea would be met with “fire and fury.”

In recent days, Google searches for nuclear weapons statistics have been trending, as, obviously, everyone is aware of the rising tension.

How has an isolated country like North Korea gained advanced technology including ballistic missiles? It’s known that North Korea has ties to the Middle East, but all signs point towards Russia as the main supplier to Jong-un. Russia is known to have had close ties with the country prior to Kim Jong-un even taking power.

As for the materials to make some of these complicated devices, Popular Mechanics seems to think the black market could have played a part in acquiring second-hand missiles.

US government officials have indicated that North Korea has over 60 nuclear missiles in their arsenal, but do we even know how far they can go? Or if they are even functional?

Until recently, military experts suggested that North Korea would not have fully functioning missiles until at least 2o2o.

There is no definite way to correctly predict North Korea’s capabilities. Jong-un could have the technology to test an ICBM any time he chooses, but the high probability of failure is probably deterring him.

What is the difference between North Korea’s 2-stage rockets opposed to 3-stage rockets? Well, many would recognize the 2-stage rocket because it’s what is most commonly seen during Jong-un’s “pat-on-the-back” parades.

Logistically speaking though, the different stages simply indicate how many separating mechanisms the weapon has. North Korea would likely stick to 1-stage or 2-stage weapons because if history has shown us anything, it is that the more complicated the system, the less likely it’s going to work.

What is the rationale behind North Korea using mobile launching sites? What are the advantages of using them?

In essence, North Korea is choosing to use mobile launch sites because if they were to use missile silos, their missiles run the risk of being destroyed immediately in a war. By using mobile launching sites, Jong-un can move the missiles where he pleases and keep them separated.

Are there any challenges left for North Korea regarding their nuclear weapons? Well, their  “miniaturized” nukes could be smaller, so there won’t be a huge atomic bomb explosion like was seen at Hiroshima.

Only time will reveal how North Korea’s dangerous obsession with nuclear weapons will play out, but North Korea has come a long way in their technological advancements. Jong-un may no longer be a schoolyard bully who can’t back up his boasts; he may, frighteningly, have the fire power to do exactly what he says.