FBI director, James Comey, started a whirlwind of controversy after he sent a letter to Republican congressmen on Friday. The letter informed them that Comey and the FBI were re-opening Clinton’s email scandal.

Comey is now in the forefront of the 2016 election with his only option to keep talking. As expected Democrats have quite a few questions for the FBI and its director.


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Four Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a memo Saturday that read, “This letter is troubling because it is vaguely worded and leaves so many questions unanswered.”

Clinton’s camp has been demanding Comey and the FBI come forward with what information they have. There has been no clarification as what the Democratic senators and Clinton’s camp want Comey to actually provide, but here are 3 simple questions that should be answered.


Do you know how many emails you found? If so, how many?

There are reports that the FBI has discovered over a thousand. Many question what this is based upon, though. Are there any classified?

Who are the senders and receivers? Were they directly sent to Clinton, or was she involved in the emails? Out of the thousands of alleged emails, are any of these newly discovered ones already emails you have analyzed or read previously?


Do you have access to them? Have you even seen the emails?

Reports from Yahoo News, Michael Isikoff, indicate that Comey sent fellow FBI employees a letter suggesting they don’t have the warrant to access or review the emails.

As everyone is well aware of, Donald Tump is on the campaign trail running against Clinton and as expected he is telling supporters, that without question, Comey and the FBI found incriminating evidence against the Democratic Nominee, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken such an extraordinary step in announcing the re-opening of the case.


In Trump’s defense, his logic is spot on. But if the reports are true that the FBI hasn’t even seen the emails, then they should let Trump and everyone else know that is the case.


Do you plan to analyze the emails before Election Day?

The masses and Journalist alike would like to know if Comey has any plans on dropping a “November Surprise” or if he is done until next Tuesday. Currently, that seems too much to ask.