Helicopter Picks a Fight With Cow In Epic Showdown


Far North Queensland police are investigating whether a cow brought down a herding helicopter. Yeah, you read that right, a COW brought a helicopter down.

This incident apparently took place south of Coen, an area near the northeastern tip of Australia. The helicopter pilot reportedly got too close to the livestock as he was trying to herd them into a nearby pasture and then the showdown ensued.


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For anyone who was unaware of the updated methods now used by cattle ranchers, herding has now changed substantially from the way we saw it done in old westerns. Previously a man and his horse, or even herding dogs, would herd cattle into pastures, but nowadays we have helicopters herding cattle. You’ve got to love the use of technology in everything these days.


The result is not what you’d probably imagine in this matchup between technology and beast. It was reported that the Robinson R22 Beta mustering helicopter lost balance and was forced into a rough landing after the railing under the helicopter apparently got caught on the cow’s horns.

The helicopter lost its balance causing the pilot to initiate a hard landing.  Seconds later the chopper was engulfed in flames only moments after the 35-year-old pilot got out mercifully unharmed, not even a scratch on him.


Police from Coen were called to the incident just after 2.40 p.m. with reports of a helicopter crashed onto the Peninsula Development Road 15km south of Coen. The chopper was totally destroyed with only char marks from the fire surrounding the crash site.

The Rural Fire Service soon arrived at the crash site  and extinguished the burning aircraft. Luckily, it appears that the fire was contained and did not spread into the surrounding terrain.


This will certainly be a new discussion by cowboys around the campfire. Did a cow actually bring down a helicopter?