Gun Basics 101. Clips & Magazines. A Tutorial for Your Friends Who Don’t Understand Firearms.

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Everyone knows someone who talks about gun control but doesn’t really understand guns. Maybe that person is even you.

Thanks to Imgur user LiquidBullets, we’re now able to provide a comprehensive guide to clips vs. magazines. Enjoy

These are clips. Clips hold bullets:

These are magazines. As you can see clips and magazines are not the same thing and serve different functions:

This is a clip feeding a magazine. Remember, clips feed magazines:

This is a Remington model 700 30-06 hunting rifle. If you hate guns, you will call this a “sniper rifle” so it sounds more ominous:

The Remington 700 has what is known as an integral magazine:

Clips are used to feed the integral magazine:

The mags are hungry. Feed them. Here is another rifle with an integral magazine being fed by a clip. Nom nom.

This is a 10/22 semi-automatic rifle. This weapon has no integral magazine, and instead takes a magazine.

REMEMBER. Clips feed Magazines. Magazines feed chambers. Chambers defend freedom around the world.

This is what the inside of a magazine would look like if you ripped it in half:

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