Game of Thrones Premier Date and Trailer Finally Released [VIDEO]

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HBO’s critically acclaimed hit, Game of Thrones, will be entering its seventh season this year. Fans around the world waited in anticipation to hear when their favorite characters (if they are still alive) will be back. Thankfully, the wait is over.


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Fans have anxiously awaited the new season premiere date. In a novel approach, Thursday the network displayed a block of ice which would eventually reveal the premiere date as it melted. Instead, HBO was plagued with technical glitches, forcing them to scrap that idea leaving fans annoyed and feeling cheated.

To make it up to their fans, HBO and their affiliates didn’t do another fancy reveal. No, they simply announced the premiere date like normal shows do, with a trailer.


The trailer starts with the voice of ” The Queen of Dragons” speaking of the various houses battling for years.

The animation shows the various houses’ banner animals: the three-headed dragon of Targaryen, the Baratheon stag, the Stark direwolf, and the Lannister lion. Even the vines of the Tyrell rose intertwine as the camera pans up.


Previous snippets of dialogue from the past seasons fill as the camera pans up to the top. The houses animals start to crumble under the weight of themselves, symbolizing how all great things fall, and bury the people below them.


As the camera pans away from the crumbled houses, the eye of a white walker begins to take the frame, reminding us all that they’re not done with their mayhem; instead they are creating an army.


The trailer then shows 3 simple numbers: the release date 7/16. Fans can finally go back to clearing their Sunday night schedules¬†for an hour as they are glued to their TV sets. But never fear, they’ll take to social media moments after the show ends to endlessly discuss, debate and ruin that week’s episode for those of us not lucky enough to watch it live.


I suppose we could say “Winter is Coming” again this summer. And I, for one, can’t wait.