Fox News Notices Something Disturbing About Suspected Brussel Terrorists’ Hands [VIDEO]

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As police release more images of the suspected Brussels Airport terror suspects, people are beginning to notice something eerie about the hands of two of the suspects. [Scroll Down For Video]

In released surveillance photos, two of the suspects are wearing only one glove. This could be a telling sign that they hid the detonation trigger for the bombs inside of the gloves.

According to The Telegraph:

“The photo shows that the two men are each wearing just one glove. Sources said these might have been used to hide trigger devices. Police are understood to be hunting the man in the hat.”

“Do you see how one hand is gloved and the other hand is not gloved? What you see in suicide situations is that the detonator switch is attached or taped to one of the hands…it’s almost what you call a dead man switch.”Catherine Herridge explains why the Brussels terror suspects’ gloved hands grabbed her attention.

Posted by Fox News on Tuesday, March 22, 2016