Fox News Hosts Swedish “Adviser” on Immigrant Violence Once Convicted of Assault in U.S. [VIDEO]

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This is a story filled with some complicated twists and turns. It began more than a week ago when Donald Trump, speaking at his rally in Florida, mentioned a terrorist attack in Sweden.

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As there had not been any immediately identifiable terrorist attack in Sweden, the pundits turned more toward the issue of immigrants and refugees, and the instances of violence that could be attributed to them.

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After his rally, President Trump attempted to explain his source for his remarks on Sweden, and pointed to a segment he’d seen recently on Fox News.

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The attention President Trump’s remarks brought to Sweden warranted further analysis, so Fox hired an analyst–an expert in the immigrant violence plaguing Sweden.

Fox described Nils Bildt as a “Swedish defense and national security advisor.”

Now Fox is having to walk back its claims, and more details about their “expert” are coming to light. Bildt, is an immigrant. He was also arrested in the U.S. back in June of 2014 for assault and battery against a law enforcement officer, obstruction of justice and public inebriation.

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At the time, Bildt was going by the name Tolling.

After journalists began checking Bildt’s credentials, they came up short. The “expert” isn’t officially tied to Sweden in any way. “We have no spokesman by that name,” said Swedish Defense Ministry spokeswoman Marie Pisäter.

Documents from Arlington General District Court in Virginia, show Mr Bildt – under his former surname – was sentenced to a year behind bars, of which 11 months were suspended, in November 2014. He was also fined $111 (£89), which is recorded as paid.

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When The Independent sought clarification from Bidlt, he was defensive. He denied knowing anything about the convictions, and even claimed that he was “unaware of the allegations.” The Independent rightfully pointed out that the records were publically available.

“I appeared on Bill O’Reillys’s show on Fox News,” Bildt explained. “The title was chosen by Fox News’s editor – I had no personal control over what title they chose.”

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And when asked about his role representing Sweden, Bildt admitted that he was an “independent analyst based in the USA.”

Here’s the uncut original clip: