First National Bank Cuts Off the NRA Following Florida School Shooting

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Communities within the United States are still reeling from the school shooting that left 14 students and 3 teachers dead. Outcry from various organizations regarding gun control has been rampant. President Trump, who has been a supporter of the Second Amendment, caved from the mounting pressure by submitting a plan to ban bump stocks. One bank decided to follow suit.

First National Bank of Omaha, Nebraska has decided to cut all ties associating themselves with the NRA. Previously, customers were able to get an NRA branded credit card with the bank, according to Journal Star.

A spokesman for the bank, Kevin Langin, stated the decision came after “customer feedback (that) has caused us to review our relationship with the NRA.”

According to Columbus Telegram, the bank faced backlash by their mere association with the NRA. Numerous customers and advertisers asked the bank to take “a stand against gun violence by ending its NRA promotions.”

One group in particular, Nebraskans Against Gun Violence sent an email to the head of the bank where they outlined rampant protest if the bank stayed with the NRA.

“If you decide to continue offering benefits to NRA members, we intend to organize a public protest of your bank and have already secured the commitments of several of your customers to cancel their accounts because they do not want to support a bank that actively promotes the single largest obstacle to the reduction of gun deaths in the United States,” the organization wrote.

First National Bank also faced ridicule after they were listed by a news outlet that they were involved with the NRA. There was no specification as to when their business dealings with the NRA will cease, but Amanda Gailey, the group’s director is pleased the bank withdrew from their business deals with the NRA.

“I’m really thankful that they heard that message,” she said. NRA officials have yet to respond to the bank’s announcement.