‘Fergie Just Ruined the National Anthem’ – Social Media Responds to Rendition from NBA All-Star Game

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Many singers would say that being asked to perform the National Anthem at the start of a major sporting event is an honor, leading them to carefully consider the best approach to their performance. Fergie determined some artistic license was in order with her rendition, and that could very well be a decision she learns to regret.

The NBA All-Star Game took place on Sunday, with Fergie’s version of the National Anthem leading into the game.

Fergie’s take could certainly be called unique, featuring a beat in the background that was reminiscent of the preprogrammed offerings in an electric keyboard and an approach that seemed to draw inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s infamous take on “Happy Birthday.”

After the performance, a number of people on Twitter were less than kind to Fergie, and many wondered whether it was the “worst rendition ever.”

Deadspin said in a tweet,” Words cannot begin to describe the horror of Fergie’s All-Star national anthem.”

Another user compiled shots of the players during the National Anthem.

Even Charles Barkley couldn’t hold back his thoughts when the topic was brought up, saying, “Damn right it was different. I needed a cigarette after that.”

BCN Sports didn’t pull any punches, stating simply, “Fergie just ruined the National Anthem.”

h/t Daily Wire