“FedEx Guy” Gets the ‘Surprise of a Lifetime’ Weeks After His Patriotic Deed [VIDEO]

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Americans cheered and supported Matt Uhrin the FedEx driver that stopped protestors from burning the American flag in Iowa last month. Now, he is being rewarded for his patriotic deed by the American Legion Post.


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The incident that was recorded and posted throughout the interweb shows Uhrin confront a group of 10 plus protestors surrounding the flag as they tried to light it on fire. Armed with only a fire extinguisher and his support and love for his country, he ripped the flag from the protestors’ grasp and took it back to his truck.


The video spurred support for the driver. Even his employer, FedEx, stood behind his actions and announced he would not be let go because of his patriotic act.


The American Legion Post Commander, Charles E. Schmidt, acknowledges his act and honored him for protecting the flag. The prolific group shook hands with Uhrin and handed him a certificate, as reported by KCRG-TV.

During the ceremony, Uhrin shared a few words as to why he couldn’t stand by and let someone burn the flag that so many had died for. “I just couldn’t let it happen,” he said. “In my head, my morals told me that I had to stand up for it and I did.”


The group also made him an honorary member of the legion as a final thank you. “We have been told that a flag-protection amendment to the Constitution is unnecessary because no one burns flags anymore,” Schmidt said.


“In recent weeks, we’ve all seen that’s far from accurate. Mr. Uhrin and another young man who stepped in to stop the flag burners in Iowa City clearly understand that deliberate destruction of our nation’s most profound symbol of unity is both a violation of logic and an insult to all who have served our country in uniform,” he concluded.


Uhrin, who served in the Army in Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011 is quick to say he doesn’t see himself as a hero, instead just someone doing their patriotic duty. Leave it to a combat veteran to be modest.