F-35 Could Be Fighting ISIS In “a Few Years,” According to US General [VIDEO]

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ISIS now has a new threat to worry about from the U.S. In a recent interview with Gen. Herbert “Hawk” Carlisle, the press was informed that there are serious talks to release the F-35 to fight ISIS in a “few years.”


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Carlisle, who is the head of Air Combat Command, stated he is adamant that this happen. “Clearly, it would be very valuable in the fight against ISIS,” he said.

Ironically, the general’s comments come days before President Trump plans to release his plan to defeat ISIS, a topic that was heavily involved in his campaign rhetoric.


ISIS doesn’t plan on going anywhere, and it seems the Pentagon and their associates understand that in a couple of years we will still be fighting them.


The F-22, which has been fighting ISIS since 2014, would be replaced by the F-35 that comes with an advanced flight computer that can take more pictures at a higher resolution – critical additions to help destroy ISIS.


“I think it [the F-35] would aid significantly in knowing where everything is and what’s going on in the battlespace,” Carlisle said.


There is one issue with the F-35 that could hinder its use. When fully complete with the software package and a skilled pilot, it’s one of the most efficient aircraft in the sky today. Unfortunately, the software package that makes the aircraft complete is two years away, according to Pentagon officials.


Last year, the Air Force said the F-35 was “war ready” but again, without the software package that is reportedly two years away at the earliest, the aircraft is running at half of its capabilities.

Aviation Week reported earlier this week, that the F-35 wouldn’t be able to hit moving targets without the software package. Government officials cited earlier this year that they plan to expedite the software completion.

H/T Defense One