Exquisite New Video of Moon Landing Created Using Thousands of Old NASA Photos [VIDEO]

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NASA’s recent accomplishments are hard for most Americans to wrap their minds around. Back in the 60’s, NASA went to the moon. That journey captured the minds of people all over the world. And now the epic voyage is being seen in a new light. A video of the journey has been created using the old still images, and it is stunning.

[Scroll Down for Video]

Graphic designer Christian Stangl did something that would have been impossible in the 60s. He pulled the vast archive of still images from the Apollo archive into a seamless film. Still photos in this era captured far more detail than videos, and this has the sharp quality you would expect from good stills. Yet it still maintains an element of nostalgic graininess.

The film is called Lunar. The process sounds simple enough. A sequence of images were taken by NASA. While these capture single moments, the change between frames allow for graphic artists to animate the material between the two images. There are thousands of still in this 7 minute film.

After two years, the film was processed using Adobe After Effects. The soundtrack was composed by Wolfgang Stangl, Christian’s brother.

The effect is magical for those who are nostalgic for a simpler time. Even though this was the height of the Space Race, and the journey marked an escalation in the Cold War, the fantastic journey embodied the spirit of American ingenuity and ability.

Many critics of NASA’s current path point to this simpler time as model.