Emu Races Car(Pic)

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Dread Emu ready to run
Dread Emu ready to run

For those unfamiliar with the Land Down Under’s version of an ostrich, here is an emu.The emu is a large, majestic, and quite troublesome bird. Emu’s are known for causing a variety of problems to the locals, from the great Emu War and now engaging drivers in races.

The picture above was taken by Sean Loram, and the wonderful bird is a farm escapee. The emu caught Mr. Loram, who is also a newspaper editor, off guard. After humorously tweeting the above image, local authorities captured the bird.

What makes this particularly bizarre is…well, this is in the United Kingdom. A good distance away from the emu’s natural habitat. For those visiting the UK, make sure to see some of their apparently local emu farms.