Elementary School Sparks Controversy with Day of”Black Lives Matter” Celebrations and Classes

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The Rochester City School District implemented a bold move this week focused on the subject of Black Lives Matter. This Friday, February 17th, will be “Black Lives Matter at School: A Day of Understanding & Affirmation.” The event will focus on educating elementary and secondary level students on the meaning of the movement.


While the school does not directly support the actual Black Lives Matter movement, their resource toolkit for the event says otherwise. The toolkit includes links to the website for the official Black Lives Matter movement and goes as far to even have a TED Talk video with the founders of the movement.

Critics are asking if this is really education or is it indoctrination.


The school district has responded to parents and others calling for “All Lives Matter,” but their response was not what those parents had been looking for. The Rochester City School district responded saying, “Of course, all lives matter. However, 57% of our students are black, and by almost every measure, people of color are not treated equally by our society.”


However, the Black Lives Matter movement has recently had some bad limelight with the media as their protests have become increasingly violent. Many parents believe that this is a ridiculous requirement for children of such a young age. For instance, one of the lessons students are “highly recommended” to partake in is “White Privilege and Male Privilege: A Personal Account of Coming to See Correspondences Through Work in Women’s Studies”.


The resource kit also includes a “Black Lives Matter Syllabus”. This touches on topics such as the “moral ethics of black rage and riotous forms of protest” and the “hyperbolic media myth of “black on black” crime”.


Parents are concerned that children won’t be able to fully grasp these concepts.


What do you think of this move by the Rochester City School District? They describe the event as “a day of education, dialog and action that will actively engage a significant number of educational communities throughout Monroe County in activities which support understanding and affirmation of Black Lives.” But is it an act of informal education or forceful indoctrination?

h/t The Daily Caller