TV personality Dr. Drew Pinsky recently stated on a California radio show that he was “gravely concerned” about Hillary’s health. Dr. Pinsky and another doctor reviewed Hillary’s medical records and both came to similar startling conclusions.


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“Both of us concluded that if we were providing the care she was receiving, we would be ashamed to show up in a doctors’ lounge,” Dr. Drew concluded. “We would be laughed out. She’s receiving sort of 1950s-level care by our evaluation.”

Dr. Pinsky claims Clinton had received unconventional treatments over the years, calling the medical decisions “bizarre” and speculating that it could be causing uncommon side effects. One would think that a women of her stature would receive top of the line health care.


He continued by stating Clinton had two episodes of deep venus thrombosis, or blood clots in her legs, and suffers from hypothyroidism. He said the drug she was given for hypothyroidism was “very unconventional” and used in the 60’s.

Dr. Pinsky brought up something that should have us all concerned if she is voted into office in November. Hillary reportedly fell and hit her head in 2015 which resulted in clotting of the brain. The doctor took a closer look into the clotting and called it an “exceedingly rare clot” that he has only come across once in his career.


“That is brain damage, and it’s affecting her balance,” Dr. Pinsky said. “Now clearly, it hasn’t affected her cognition, but tell us a little more about that. That’s profound. And then number two, when they screened her for heart disease, again, they did an old-fashioned screen. It just seems like she’s getting care from somebody that she met in Arkansas when she was a kid, and you’ve got to wonder. You’ve got to wonder. It’s not so much that her health is a grave concern. It’s that the care she’s getting could make it a concern.”


Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has repeatedly argued that Clinton does not have the “stamina” to be president. After these startling revelations, the question must be asked, is she even healthy enough to make the correct decision when faced with the onset of war with ISIS?

The video below highlights just a few of the concerns we should all have about Hillary’s health. How can anyone say she is the best candidate when we don’t know if her health will continue to deteriorate and impact her decisions as our possible next president?