Donald Trump’s Voicemails Hacked By Anonymous, Embarrassing Messages Released

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Hacktivist group Anonymous may have done what the entire Republican party failed to despite millions of dollars in spending – embarrass Donald Trump.

When Trump said he would ban all Muslims from entering the United States, Anonymous ‘declared war’ on the billionaire presidential candidate.

The first shots were fired when the group released a string of 2012 voicemails showing Trump’s exceptionally cozy relationship with members of the liberal media over the weekend.

Gawker published three minutes of the voicemails while saying that although they cannot ‘independently verify their authenticity’, the recordings ‘certainly appear to be genuine.’

Appearing to feature MSNBC news anchors Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Tamron Hall, the clips paint a very different portrait than the Trump who lambastes the “liberal media” for causing some of America’s problems.

Perhaps the most startling indication of the relationship between Trump and the journalists is when Tamron Hall talks about using Trump’s discounts in order to get a better deal on a designer dress.

“I celebrated by going to Gucci, and I’m going to use your discount, because there’s a green dress that’s like $3,000, and I need a discount bigger than… my discount.”

That’s not something you usually do for people you’re demonizing.