The President-elect has aspects of his life changing at a rapid rate since winning the presidency in November. The realtor mogul was informed he would have to step away from his company as it was a conflict of interest and pass the reins to his children. Now, there are rumblings that his foundation will be considered a conflict of interest as well. Further questions are being broached about his son, Eric’s, foundation also.


Once the news became public that Donald’s foundation was indeed considered a conflict of interest, he took to Twitter to express his dismay at the news and disapproval of those trying to take Eric’s foundation away as a result of his presidency.



After the President-elect took the issue to social media, something he frequently does, the liberals came out of the woodwork to find discrepancies in the amount of money Trump says his son’s foundation raises. After some debate with the press, it was discovered that Donald did indeed give an incorrect number for monies raised that did conflicted with tax records.

Donald claimed that his son Eric raised an impressive $15 million over the past decade, the real numbers were far greater. A St. Jude hospital official corroborated the statement that Eric had raised a far larger number than the originally reported $15 million.


Richard C. Shadyac Jr., president of St. Jude’s fundraising organization, wrote a letter to the president-elect on December 30th. His letter, which was posted in the New York Times, showed that he raised $16.3 million on behalf of the ill children. The efforts included marathons, golf outings, and online auctions.


Shadyac said: “I am amazed by the many ways that you have personally embraced our cause and cared for our children and families. As you are aware, we are expanding our lifesaving work and are working to push cure rates even higher in this country and around the world, while improving the lives of survivors by developing and advancing treatments that reduce side effects.”


He applauded the Trumps in the letter, citing that without people like them, progress in pediatric cancer wouldn’t have been possible. “We are only able to do this because of the support provided by donors and supporters like you.”

Donald has made the modest decision to close his foundation and take his name off his son’s foundation to prevent the conflict of interest. Don’t expect Donald to stop caring about St. Jude and the children saying, he’ll “continue to be a vocal advocate for pediatric cancer and St. Jude’s mission.”