In the closing hours of the early voting in Nevada, Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against poll workers, claiming they allowed voters to continue to vote after the allotted time.

Trump is fighting hard for Nevada as it is a key state that he needs to win this election. A Nevada judge held an emergency court hearing on the matter.


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According to the filing against the Clark County Registrar Joe Gloria, the plaintiffs argued that several hundred people got in line to vote at polling locations two hours after the closing time. These people, according to the suit, were allowed to vote.

A spokesman for the county argued that per state law, they finished out the line of voters until it was empty. No new voters were allowed to walk into the line once the allotted time expired.

Voters in Clark County play a pivotal part in the election for Trump in one of the most contested states, Nevada.


Judge Gloria Sturman of the District Court for Clark County Nevada heard the emergency hearing. Trump’s defense asked for the names of the poll workers to be released. Sturman quickly shot the request down, informing the plaintiff that she would not release the names of the poll workers in fear of the harassment they could face.

The plaintiff requested that the ballots in question be removed from the rest of the ballots. This request was also denied. When Trump’s campaign sought the names of the people that were present for the “illegal act,” Sturman angrily shot that request down, expressing her frustration with Brian Hardy, a lawyer for the campaign.

“Do you watch Twitter?” she asked. “There are internet trolls who could get this information and harass people who just want to help their fellow citizens vote.”


The judge added, “Why would I order them to make available to you information about people who work at polls when it’s not already a public requirement to do so? So that those people can be harassed for doing their civic duty?”

She concluded: “I’m just puzzled how you think you will use this evidence anyway.”


Clark County saw a record amount of early voters when 57,174 people cast their ballots, according to data from the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. Hillary Clinton and Democrats sought to build up a prohibitive advantage over Trump before Tuesday in this key state.

If the republican nominee loses the presidential race, losing this suit will certainly be one of the arguments he uses to help explain his loss.