Critics Claim North Korea’s Missiles in Parade Are Badly Made Fakes. Here’s Why

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The world’s focus has been solidly on the Korean peninsula in the last week as tensions in the area between North Korea and the western world, primarily the United States, seem poised to come to a head that could very well lead to military action against the small, isolated nation.

Image 518

Earlier today, North Korea attempted to test what was believed to be a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile that could be capable of carrying a nuclear payload.

However, the missile blew up near the launch pad just seconds after launch. There is some speculation that an outside hacking attempt sabotaged the missile.

The day before the missile test, North Korea has a scheduled military parade on the 105th anniversary of the birth of the nation’s founder Kim Il-Sung.

On prominent display were numerous rockets and missiles on the backs of military trucks. Obviously, North Korea wanted the world to know that they had the ability to reach long range targets outside their borders (despite prior missile tests proving otherwise).

However, keen eyed observers online noticed some interesting discrepancies in images and videos released from the celebration.

Image 523

The most glaring issue was very obvious:

Image 520

Do you see what’s wrong? The internet certainly does:

Image 525

Image 522

One observer even made an impromptu poll to find out what the rest of the internet:

Image 519

Others just straight up called out the communist nation:

Image 522

The United States carrier group, led by the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson is sitting off the coast of North Korea in a show of force and to possibly launch a strike against North Korea if nuclear tensions escalate.

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