Comedian Robs Bank, Strips Naked, and Throws Money at People. Police Don’t Laugh

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On Tuesday, a man who was aspiring to begin a career as a comedian decided to rob a bank as a way to start making his dream a reality. He entered a Region Bank branch at 3:06 pm, used his hand to depict a gun and threatened a teller that if his needs weren’t met, he’d hurt her.

As reported by the Sun Sentinel, Alexander Hayden Sperber, a 25-year-old from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, parked his vehicle, a red Ford Mustang, near the entrance of the Regions Bank branch located on SE Third Ave. He went into the bank and threatened the teller, saying he had a gun and would hurt her if she didn’t comply with his request.

The teller filled a bag with around $4,700, but the man was unaware that a dye pack was added as well.

After Sperber had left the branch, the red dye pack exploded. His clothes were covered in dye as well as the cast he wore on his left wrist.

At this point, Sperber decided to strip and began running down Las Olas Boulevard naked. He also threw money at passersby as he proceeded down the road.

Sperber was arrested by Fort Lauderdale police and quickly wrapped in a yellow tarp. The officers contacted paramedics as they were concerned for Sperber’s health. Sperber was taken to nearby Broward Health Medical Center where doctors determined he was “conscious, coherent and uninjured,” according to court documents.

After his arrest, Sperber told an FBI special agent that he “decided to rob a bank, flee by running naked down the street while throwing the money stolen during the bank robbery to people in order to begin his career as a comedian.”

Sperber has been charged with one count of bank robbery.