Comedian Patton Oswalt has expressed his immense hatred towards Donald Trump. He has repeatedly claimed that Trump will become the “end of America” and that everyone should treat it as such. As he watched Trump’s press conference yesterday, a Twitter meltdown ensued.


As the President-elect took the stage Wednesday for his first press conference in over 6 months, many liberals had their hearts beat at a rapid rate, as the realization dawned upon them that Obama would be leaving office next week.

Oswalt is one of those liberals that came to the realization that Trump really will be the 45th President of The United States. The comedian took to Twitter to express what he considered the “ending days of America.”


In one Tweet, he showed the underbelly of every liberal who watched the conference. “And just like that, Trump isn’t funny anymore. That press conference was……….terrifying. Go be with your families. Hoard Food.”


Another tweet continued the survivalist theme as he tweeted about purchasing a gas generator and a seed vault, used for growing various crops.


Oswalt showed his true Democratic color’s when he retweeted, “The only possible nod to humanity that Obama can make on his way out of his disastrous presidency is pardoning Chelsea Manning.”


During the press conference, Trump criticized various intelligence agencies for allowing fake news to “leak” to the public masses. Shortly after, Trump questioned if we were living in Nazi Germany.

Oswalt and the left immediately took notice of his remarks. They tried to spin it that the worst” thing Trump took away from Nazi Germany was Hitler got his feelings hurt.


It seems that the liberals are coming unhinged. They’re finally understanding the free ride is over, President Trump is going to be running this country the way it was intended. In little under a week, Trump will take office and Make America Great Again.