School Administrator Arrested After Video Shows Him Hitting Bicyclist and Keep Driving

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Over the weekend, video was captured showing the precise moment a vehicle clipped a bicyclist while traveling down a highway in Tennessee. After the car had impacted the bike, the driver of the wagon drove away as if nothing happened. The alleged driver of the vehicle is a former dean and current employee of the University School of Nashville.

As reported by The Blaze, Tyler Noe, 23, was bicycling on Saturday with Greg Goodman, his friend. They were traveling down Natchez Trace Parkway near the city of Nashville and were on a stretch of road that provides cyclists with full use of all traffic lanes.

Goodman was riding just behind Noe and was using a GoPro camera, which was attached to his helmet, to chronicle the journey. The GoPro captured the incident on video, clearly showing the car clipping Noe and continuing down the road.

“I’ve never experienced my lift flashing before my eyes like that,” said Noe during an interview.

Goodman stated he began wearing the GoPro when he cycled after he was once clipped by the mirror of a passing vehicle.

“When it happens, it happens so quickly. You can’t get a license plate. You can barely remember what hit you,” said Goodman. “I want to make sure, if something happens, it’s recorded.”

After Goodman had confirmed he captured footage of the incident, he posted the video on Facebook. Police identified Marshall Grant Neely III, the 58-year-old former Dean of Students and current part-time employee from the University School of Nashville, as the vehicle’s owner.

Neely was arrested in connection with the incident and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident, failure to render aid, and reckless endangerment. He was released from jail on Sunday on $11,500 bond.

Based on the incident, Neely was placed on a leave of absence from his position with the University School of Nashville.

The school posted a message on their Facebook page regarding the decision, saying, “As of [Sunday], USN has placed Mr. Neely on leave of absence while we investigate the circumstances. All other matters related to his employment are confidential.”

Noe was injured during the incident and is reportedly on bed rest after suffering multiple scrapes and bruises from being hit.