Colin Kaepernick has been receiving some much warranted criticism for his refusal to stand during our country’s national anthem. The list of critics on the issue have been wide and varied, ranging from fellow NFL players, police officers, and even his own mother. A central point of the criticism against Kaepernick is that he doesn’t appreciate veterans. Medal of Honor recipient, Florent Groberg, had something to say on the issue.


Ret. Captain Groberg explained that Kaepernick hasn’t sacrificed for his country and needs to rearrange his worldview.

“He doesn’t know that because he’s never sacrificed. Then again, I haven’t lived in his shoes. He brought up the serious issue of police brutality. But what about police officers that have been targeted as well. It goes both ways. Do I hate him for it? Absolutely not. I lived a completely different life than this guy. I respect the fact that he is an American and has the right to make that stance.”

“This is America. Everybody has an issue. But there’s another serious issue with police being targeted. He’s going to get criticism for voicing his opinion. That’s what we get living in a country with freedom of speech.”


The retired Army captain received the Medal of Honor for his participation in stopping a suicide bomber that approached his security detail. Groberg physically pushed the bomber which triggered his vest and set off another bomb by a previously unknown suicide bomber in the vicinity. This hero is someone that knows all too much about sacrifice.


“What is he is doing to fix the issue? Now he’s out there and he’s going to sit the National Anthem out. He put himself on the front-line. I’m waiting to see what his actions are next to help fix the issue. You want everyone to speak about it and use the national stage, that’s great. But now he’s the face of a movement that everyone is talking about. Is it just talking or he is going to walk the walk. I hope he walks the walk.”


“I vote that he takes the time to sit down with police officers too. Because there has been terrible incidents that happened by individuals, but there are so many incredible police officers out there. If we want to fix things, we have to work together.” Adding, “Do I agree with not saluting the flag? Absolutely not. The flag means everything to me. It represents the millions who died and the sacrifices they made.”


Groberg concluded by saying, “Regardless of what he did, I’ll always stand by the flag and be there for America, it’s the greatest country in the world. And we fight for people to have the right to have freedom to say what they want.”