Chris Christie Shuts Down NJ Beaches For Weekend. Gets Caught Enjoying Empty Beach

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shut down the beach at Island Beach State Park, and all of the state’s public beaches and parks when state lawmakers engaged him in a budget standoff. Yet that didn’t stop the Governor from enjoying a day at the beach. As you might imagine, the hypocrisy didn’t go unnoticed.

And now the internet has responded. That was fast.

Christie has been quick to dismiss the criticism. He claims he was just making use of the beach near the Governor’s mansion, and it wasn’t a violation of the closed public beaches.

The shutdown has taken a huge toll on businesses that rely on tourism for their income, especially on a holiday weekend in the summer.

The tragic economic reality hasn’t kept some from making light of the situation. Not that they’re making light of Christie, who is here being accused of creating some Tremors.

Christie went so far as to say his tie on the beach didn’t amount to much, and that he didn’t get any sun. The citizens of New Jersey, though, aren’t buying that.

As you might expect, the Christie-on-the-beach meme has quickly developed a life of its own.

The episode will likely spell big trouble for Christie. As the news hit yesterday, many headlines implied Christie no longer cared about his political career.

It is difficult to tell where the line is drawn between public beaches and those to be used by public servants.

Either way, it looks like this is one more black eye on the Governor.

The one upside is that New Jersey isn’t the butt of the joke. It is one man, valiantly taking the blame.