Celebrities Say We Can Only Beat ISIS With Love. Then a Combat Veteran Told Them This Story and Shut Them All Up

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Once news broke that the United States military had dropped the GBU-43/B MOAB, also referred to as the “Mother of All Bombs,” on the Islamic State in Afghanistan, many people took to social media to express their opinions on the matter.  One movie director suggested that the only thing that could defeat terrorists was “love” but not everyone agreed.

When some people on Twitter disagreed with the director’s advice to the military, others chimed in to express support, including actress Alyssa Milano.

Additionally, discussion ensued, attracting attention and commentary for more individuals, including Sean Parnell, a decorated combat veteran.

While speaking with the Independent Review Journal about Josh Fox’s tweet, Parnell made the following statement: “Josh Fox is a moron.  Sorry for how crass my words are there.  But if you’re calling American troops murderers, you’re a moron in my eyes.”

Parnell shared part of his story on Twitter, outlining some of his experiences while deployed to Afghanistan, to help people understand the reality of the situation through the eyes of someone who has experienced combat first hand.  Some of the tweets are highlighted below.

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He described how WWII air raid sirens would go off to signal when they were under attack and how the use of a cave complex by those firing upon the US troops made movements difficult to track.

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Parnell did confirm the nature of the mission was to locate those responsible for the 9/11 attacks, but also reiterated that violence was never the desired outcome.

He went on to express his appreciation for his soldiers stating, “We handled it.  We won EVERY fight we were in.  Sometimes by the skin of out teeth, but we won every single time.”

Parnell also described some of the other activities that took place while he was deployed, indicating there was more to the mission that may have been evident on the surface.

Parnell also described an event that didn’t go as planned when his platoon was attacked by more than 250 “enemy fighters” while he only had “25 men on the ground.”

He went on to speculate whether he should have handled the incident differently, but also asserts that “sometimes bad things happen in combat” and “everyone has a plan until you get hit with the first punch.”

However, Parnell did express some agreement with the celebs suggesting love was the answer to defeating the enemy.

Parnell closed his story defending the use of a MOAB in Afghanistan.

The MOAB reportedly killed 36 ISIS fighters while also destroying underground tunnels.  According to Afghan officials, there were no civilian casualties.